Session 9

Building Information Modelling

chairs Mirjana Devetaković and Marko Lazić
date  Thursday, 9 September
hour 12:15 – 13:05

Lost in Translation – Achieving semantic consistency of name-identity in BIM
Huang, Yurong, Butler, Andrew, Gardner, Nicole and Haeusler, M. Hank
Paper 10      Image      Video

A Software Concept for Assessing the Risk of Infection in Enclosed Spaces – Exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic
Lindner, Clemens, Langenhan, Christoph, Petzold, Frank, Schneider-Brachert, Wulf, Holzmann, Thomas, Rath, Anca and Widbiller, Matthias
Paper 58      Image      Video

Finding Optimal Path Planning Method for Building Navigation in BIM
Jarzyna, Michał
Paper 72      Image      Video

The Use of Diagrammatic Reasoning to Aid Conceptual Design in Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Alassaf, Nancy and Clayton, Mark
Paper 130      Image      Video

Operating Room Design with BIM, VR, AR, and Interactive Simulation
Woessner, Uwe, Kieferle, Joachim and Djuric, Marko
Paper 171      Image      Video

Structural Grid Predesign using Generative Design for Residential Building with Steel Structure on BIM Models – Structural grid predesign using generative design
Rodríguez Hernández, José Luis, Cortes Perez, Juan Pedro, Gradisar, Luka and Figueiredo, Bruno
Paper 208      Image      Video