Session 8

Computational design

chairs Mostafa Alani and Sonja Krasic
date  Thursday, 9 September
hour 11:30 – 12:15

Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication Based on 3D Graphic Statics
Zhang, Xiao, Wang, Xiang, Yu, Zhongsheng, Yuan, Chao, Jiang, Jingjing, Yang, Qingfeng and Lin, Bian
Paper 19      Image      Video

Topology Reconstruction of a Discontinuous B-rep Geometry by using Form Finding Method
Yuan, Chao, Zhang, Xiao, Zeng, Shaoting, Yang, Liu, Zhao, Zhilong and Qiu, Song
Paper 27      Image      Video

Limits to Applied ML in Planning and Architecture – Understanding and defining extents and capabilities
Joyce, Sam Conrad and Nazim, Ibrahim
Paper 158      Image      Video

Reconfigurable Domes – Computational design of dry-fit blocks for modular vaulting
Bitting, Selina, Azadi, Shervin and Nourian, Pirouz
Paper 241      Image      Video

A Method for Generating Regular Grid Configurations on Free-From Surfaces for Structurally Sound Geodesic Gridshells
Cichocka, Judyta Maria, Loj, Szymon and Wloczyk, Marta Magdalena
Paper 257      Image      Video

A Function-Based Design Approach for Early Planning Phases for Healthcare Buildings
von Both, Petra and Sommer, Simon
Paper 258      Image      Video

GoDesign – A modular generative design framework for mass-customization and optimization in architectural design
Azadi, Shervin and Nourian, Pirouz
Paper 263      Image      Video

A new Relation Matrix as a Fruitful Meta-Design Tool – How to overcome typological limits
Coraglia, Ugo Maria, Zhu, Zhelun, Fioravanti, Antonio, Simeone, Davide and Cursi, Stefano
Paper 279      Image      Video