Session 6

Structure optimization and material-based design

chairs Jose P. Duarte and Christoph Klemmt
date Wednesday, 8 September
hour 17:35 – 18:20

Fiber Compositions – Development of wood and textile layered structures as a material strategy for sustainable design
Foged, Isak and Hilmer, Jacob
Paper 115      Image      Video

Thermochromic Animation – Thermally-informed and colour-changing surface-configurations
Körner, Andreas
Paper 131      Image      Video

An Autonomous Bio-Inspired Shading Façade System based on Plant Movement Principles
Sharp, Alexa, Blay, Georgina, Kholodova, Janna and Correa, David
Paper 133      Image      Video

Configured Knitting – Grafting as an assembly process for knitted architecture
Scott, Jane, Gaston, Elizabeth and Agraviador, Armand
Paper 194      Image      Video

Ceramic AM Gantry Structures – Discretisation and connections between beams and columns
Carvalho, João, Cruz, Paulo J. S. and Figueiredo, Bruno
Paper 251      Image      Video

ClayKnit – A composite structure of clay and knitted meshes
Gosch, Lukas, Jauk, Julian, Vašatko, Hana, Šamec, Elizabeta and Stavric, Milena
Paper 334      Image      Video

Design and Fabrication of Formwork for Shell Structures Based on 3D-printing Technology
Zhang, Xiao, Yuan, Chao, Yang, Liu, Yu, Peiran, Ma, Yiwen, Qiu, Song, Guo, Zhe and Yuan, Philip F.
Paper 47      Image      Video