Session 3

Mass customization in design

chairs Tomohiro Fukuda and Marko Jovanovic
date Wednesday, 8 September
hour 14:50 – 15:35

Eelish 2.0: Grasshopper Plugin for Automated Grid-Driven Column-Beam Placement on Orthogonal Floor Plans – Formalising manual workflow into an algorithm through empirical analysis
Mondal, Joy
Paper 121      Image      Video

Customization System for Ergonomic Benches – DOMINO_ a parametric design configurator
Capone, Mara, Lanzara, Emanuela and Marsillo, Laura
Paper 154      Image      Video

Integrating Sociological Survey and Algorithmic Modelling for Low-Cost Housing
Lacroix, Igor, Furtado Lopes, Gonçalo and Sousa, José Pedro
Paper 187      Image      Video

Rob-LCA – An assessment method to support environmental sensitive material selection in robotic fabrication
Krężlik, Adrian, Güzelci, Orkan Zeynel and Sousa, José Pedro
Paper 236      Image      Video

Computer-Aided Fabrication Technologies as Computational Design Mediators
Sönmez, Ayça and Gönenç Sorguç, Arzu
Paper 237      Image      Video

Reinforcement Learning for Sequential Assembly of SL-Blocks – Self-interlocking combinatorial design based on Machine Learning
Wibranek, Bastian, Liu, Yuxi, Funk, Niklas, Belousov, Boris, Peters, Jan and Tessmann, Oliver
Paper 247      Image      Video

Prototype of an Algorithm-Aided BIM Tool for Semi-Automated Generation of Modular Residential Buildings
Pibal, Sophia, Khoss, Konstantin and Kovacic, Iva
Paper 266      Image      Video