Session 17

Agent-based modeling, machine learning, simulation, prediction and evaluation in design

chairs Matias del Campo and Rudi Stouffs
date Friday, 10 September
hour 11:30 – 12:15

Mixed Reality Landscape Visualization Method with Automatic Discrimination Process for Dynamic Occlusion Handling Using Instance Segmentation
Nakabayashi, Mizuki, Fukuda, Tomohiro and Yabuki, Nobuyoshi
Paper 38      Image      Video

Comparative Evaluation of Tensor-based Data Representations for Deep Learning Methods in Architecture
Eisenstadt, Viktor, Arora, Hardik, Ziegler, Christoph, Bielski, Jessica, Langenhan, Christoph, Althoff, Klaus-Dieter and Dengel, Andreas
Paper 254      Image      Video

Towards a Free-form Transformable Structure – A critical review for the attempts of developing reconfigurable structures that can deliver variable free-form geometries
Hussein, Hussein E. M., Agkathidis, Asterios and Kronenburg, Robert
Paper 103      Image      Video

Structural Performance of Reciprocal Structures formed by using Islamic Geometrical Patterns
Agirbas, Asli and Basogul, Elif Feyza
Paper 106      Image      Video

Towards Prediction and Optimisation for Outdoor Evaporative Cooling Systems in Architectural Design
Stojanovic, Djordje and Vujovic, Milica
Paper 153      Image      Video

Use of Simulation Techniques and Optimization Tools for Daylight, Energy and Thermal Performance – The case of office module(s) in different climates
Aksin, Feyza Nur and Arslan Selçuk, Semra
Paper 177      Image      Video

Training Spaces – Fostering machine sensibility for spatial assemblages through wave function collapse and reinforcement learning
Mintrone, Alessandro and Erioli, Alessio
Paper 148      Image      Video

Spaces Identity Evaluation aNd Assignment – SIENA – A duck typing approach for automatic recognition and semantic enrichment of architectural spaces
Zhu, Zhelun, Coraglia, Ugo Maria, Simeone, Davide and Fioravanti, Antonio
Paper 167      Image      Video