Session 16

VR, AR and interactive visualization

chairs Vassilis Bourdakis and Joachim Kieferle
date Friday, 10 September
hour 10:45 – 11:30

A Motion Vector Visualization Method on a Virtual Reality Screen – Preventing virtual reality sickness for architectural investigation
Fukuda, Tomohiro, Nada, Hideki, Fujii, Hiroyuki and Pencreach, Yoann
Paper 17      Image      Video

Landscape Visualization by Integrating Augmented Reality and Drones with Occlusion Handling to Link Real and Virtual Worlds – Towards city digital twin realization
Kikuchi, Naoki, Fukuda, Tomohiro and Yabuki, Nobuyoshi
Paper 36      Image      Video

Automatic Diminished Reality-Based Virtual Demolition Method using Semantic Segmentation and Generative Adversarial Network for Landscape Assessment
Kikuchi, Takuya, Fukuda, Tomohiro and Yabuki, Nobuyoshi
Paper 37      Image      Video

Development of an Augmented Reality System with Reflection Implementation for Landscape Design Visualization using a Planar Reflection Method in Real-Time Rendering
Chen, Hao, Fukuda, Tomohiro and Yabuki, Nobuyoshi
Paper 80      Image      Video

Exploring the Possibilities of a Virtual Reality Aided Architectural Design System
Lin, Chaohe, Lo, Tiantian and Hu, Xinchuang
Paper 81      Image      Video

Modeling Inter-dimensional Narratives
Mesa, Olga and O’Keefe, John
Paper 319      Image      Video

Augmented Spaces – If walls could talk
Chan, Holly, Brown, Andre, Moleta, Tane and Schnabel, Marc Aurel
Paper 326      Image      Video