Session 15

On-site session

chair Marko Jovanović
date Friday, 10 September
hour 9:15 – 10:20
location Amphitheatre of The Main Building – University of Novi Sad

Effect of Immersive VR on Communication Patterns in Architectural Design Critiques
Sopher, Hadas and Gero, John S.
Paper 30      Image      Video

Floating Modular Houses as Solution for Rising Sea Levels – A case study in Kiribati island
Stanković, Jovana, Krasić, Sonja, Mitković, Petar, Nikolić, Marko, Kocić, Nastasija and Mitković, Mihailo
Paper 264      Image      Video

Intensive Differences in Spatial Design – Reversing form-finding
Doumpioti, Christina and Huang, Jeffrey
Paper 109      Image      Video

Gridworld Architecture Testbed
Kotov, Anatolii and Vukorep, Ilija
Paper 252      Image      Video

Design Methods for Variable Density, Multi-Directional Composite Timber Slab Systems for Multi-Storey Construction
Luis, Orozco, Krtschil, Anna, Wagner, Hans-Jakob, Simon, Bechert, Amtsberg, Felix, Skoury, Lior, Knippers, Jan and Menges, Achim
Paper 284      Image      Video