Session 13

Bionics, bioprinting, living materials

chairs Urvi Sheth and Dagmar Reinhardt
date  Thursday, 9 September
hour 18:00 – 18:45

Material Units – Uploading information into matter via stimuli and the challenges of determining feedback
Blaney, Adam
Paper 12      Image      Video

Designing a Living Material Through Bio-Digital-Fabrication – Guiding the growth of fungi through a robotic system
Ozkan, Dilan, Dade-Robertson, Martyn, Morrow, Ruth and Zhang, Meng
Paper 22      Image      Video

Multi-Material Fabrication for Biodegradable Structures – Enabling the printing of porous mycelium composite structures
Lim, Ariel Cheng Sin and Thomsen, Mette Ramsgaard
Paper 59      Image      Video

PH Computation to Growth Prediction
Heidari, Farahbod, Mahdavinejad, Mohammadjavad, Werner, Liss C. and Khayami, Sima
Paper 125      Image      Video

The Design and 4d Printing of Epithelial Cell-Inspired Programmable Surface Geometry
Teng, Teng and Sabin, Jenny
Paper 188      Image      Video

An Integrated Structural Optimization Method for Bacterial Cellulose-Based Composite Biofilms
Turhan, Gözde Damla, Varinlioglu, Guzden and Bengisu, Murat
Paper 234      Image      Video