Session 12

Collaborative, participative or responsive design

chairs Henri Achten and Jelena Atanacković Jeličić
date Thursday, 9 September
hour 17:10 – 17:55

Augmented Reality for Experience-centered Spatial Design – A quantitative assessment method for architectural space
Yan, Muchen and Tamke, Martin
Paper 69      Image      Video

Reappraising Configuration and its Potential for Collaborative Objects
Grasser, Alexander and Parger, Alexandra
Paper 216      Image      Video

Drawing-to-Factory Process – Using freehand drawing to drive robotic assembly of brick walls
Azambuja Varela, Pedro, Sousa, José Pedro and Silva Dias, Joana
Paper 222      Image      Video

From Physiology to Architecture – The methodology for interactive architecture behavior design
Liu, Jie
Paper 223      Image      Video

The Development of Design Support System for Public Participation of Community Public Space Design Using Mixed Reality
Dan, Yuze, Shen, Zhenjiang, Lin, Yumin, Zhu, Yiyun and Xiao, Jianqiang
Paper 240      Image      Video

Augmented Bodies – Interactive wearables for local-global synergies
Symeonidou, Ioanna
Paper 287      Image      Video