Session 11

Digital representation and digital heritage

chairs Anetta Kepczynska-Walczak and Aleksander Asanowicz
date  Thursday, 9 September
hour 16:00 – 16:45

DAttE – Detection of Attic Extensions – Workflow to analyze the potentials of roofs in an urban environment
Lorenz, Wolfgang E., Faller, Arnold and Wurzer, Gabriel
Paper 46      Image      Video

This Is How We Do It – Observing architects sketch to inform effective recognition of semantic building information
Ziegler, Christoph, Bielski, Jessica and Langenhan, Christoph
Paper 235      Image      Video

What is Architectural Digital Sketch? – A systematic inventory
Dzurilla, Dalibor and Achten, Henri
Paper 288      Image      Video

Multimodal Virtual Experience for Design Schools in the Immersive Web
Guida, George, Tian, Runjia and Dong, Yuebin
Paper 297      Image      Video

3Dino: Configuration for a Micro-Photogrammetric Survey – Applying Dino-Lite microscope for the digitalization of a cuneiform tablet
Antinozzi, Sara, Ronchi, Diego, Fiorillo, Fausta and Barba, Salvatore
Paper 60      Image      Video

MR Game for Historical Experience – A study on the interplay between tangible and intangible heritage in Chaozhou ancient town
Chen, Fukai, Guo, Xiangmin and Lo, Tiantian
Paper 79      Image      Video

Open-ArcH – An open knowledge-based system for architectural heritage representation
Simeone, Davide, Cursi, Stefano, Fioravanti, Antonio and Coraglia, Ugo Maria
Paper 160      Image      Video

Enhancing User Experience through Interaction Design – Rethinking the municipal agora of Chania through AR narratives
Dania, Panagiota, Theodoropoulou, Helena G., Karagianni, Anna, Geropanta, Vasiliki and Parthenios, Panagiotis
Paper 273      Image      Video