Session 10

CAAD education, creativity and design thinking models

chairs Ioanna Symeonidou and Dimitrije Nikolic
date  Thursday, 9 September
hour 15:10 – 15:55

Understanding Design Justice in a Bottom-up Housing through Digital Actor-Network Mapping – The case of solidary mobile housing in Brussels
Romero, Rosaura Noemy Hernandez and Pak, Burak
Paper 108      Image      Video

Towards Abductive Reasoning-Based Computational Design Tools – Using Machine Learning as a way to explore the combined design spaces of multiple parametric models
Sebestyen, Adam, Rock, Johanna and Hirschberg, Urs Leonhard
Paper 186      Image      Video

Techno-Anthropological Inquiry into VDC Impact on Expert Collaboration in the AEC Industry – Interdisciplinary interactions through Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)
Slotina, Kristine, Hensel, Michael U. and Hjelseth, Eilif
Paper 215      Image      Video

Augmented Quarantine – An experiment in online teaching using augmented reality for customized design interventions
Weissenböck, Renate
Paper 67      Image      Video

Operating Room Design with BIM, VR, AR, and Interactive Simulation
Szentesi-Nejur, Szende, De Luca, Francesco and Nejur, Andrei
Paper 197      Image      Video

User-Centred Spatial Thinking in Architectural Design with Mixed Reality
Emo, Beatrix, Gerber, Andri and Hölscher, Christoph
Paper 214      Image      Video

A New Player Has Entered the Game – Gaming tropes as a harbinger of architectural praxis
Hui, Vincent, Estrina, Tatiana and Huang, Alvin
Paper 294      Image      Video

A Hard Road To Travel – Developing tools for low-cost Virtual Reality (VR) systems in the early design phases
Dokonal, Wolfgang, Scheich, Patrick, Huyeng, Tim-Jonathan and Rüppel, Uwe
Paper 66      Image      Video