Session 1

On-site session

chair Armando Trento
date Wednesday, 8 September
hour 10:55 – 12:25
location Amphitheatre of The Main Building – University of Novi Sad

Yarn-Level Modeling of Non-Uniform Knitted Fabric for Digital Analysis of Textile Characteristics – From a bitmap to the yarn-level model
Anishchenko, Maria and Paoletti, Ingrid
Paper 225      Image      Video

Prvok – An experiment with 3D printing large doublecurved concrete structure
Nováková, Kateřina and Vele, Jiří
Paper 11      Image      Video

An Immersive Modular Museum-Archive Concept Model – An integration of shape grammars with virtual reality
Liapi, Katherine and Liosi, Dimitra
Paper 138      Image      Video

Computational Generation of Hybrid Façades for a Focal Context – The case of Naser-Khosrow Street in Tehran
Zolghadrasli, Niloofar, Hadighi, Mahyar and Costa, Eduardo
Paper 151      Image      Video

Safety Information Modelling to Support Planning of Archeological Restoration Site – Preserving workers from COVID-19 at “Venus and Rome Temple”
Trento, Armando, Fioravanti, Antonio, Borgese, Daniela and Gratteri, Andrea
Paper 310      Image      Video

Iris Diaphragm Mechanism Application for Daylighting Control
Krnjaić, Aleksandar and Jovanović, Marko
Paper 218      Image      Video

Web-based collaborative method for the design and fabrication of gridshells
Vučić, Marko and Tepavčević, Bojan
Paper 13      Image      Video