Realtime rendering of architecture spaces with Unreal Engine 4

On-site Workshop

Unreal Engine 4 workshop for beginners. Working on a pre-made scene using UE4. Focus of the workshop is to make realistic presentations by working on lights, materials and blueprint interactions. Unreal engine gives opportunity to create interactive presentations unlike traditional still renderings. The idea is to educate students to the possibility of using game engines for real time architectural presentation.

Workshop Authors: Nemanja Jaćimovski

Case 3D

Authors Biography: Nemanja Jaćimovski is a project lead in the R&D team working closely with programmers and the art team to develop new products and improve existing ones. As a lead he has learned to set priorities, recognize and solve problems during projects. Also, he always searches for ways to improve workflows and build new tools and scripts. As an architect by profession he has a deep understanding in spatial relations and the ways they can affect the user experience, especially in VR.

Workshop Duration: 2×3 hours

6. September (Monday) Morning Session
7. September (Tuesday) Morning Session