PhD Workshop

The 11th eCAADe PhD Workshop

‘Each year eCAADe invites applications from young researchers studying in Europe
to submit their approved PhD proposal for the eCAADe Grant. Successful applicants
attend a pre-conference PhD workshop where they present and discuss their work
with experienced colleagues. The grant consists of a subsidy of 400 Euro to cover
travel expenses and a special students registration to attend the conference
afterwards. The Workshop is valuable for PhD students in the earlier stages of the
work and NOT mainly intended to be a presentation of an already finished

The first workshop was organized in 2011 in Ljubljana. The initiative derives from the
idea to invite the young generation of researchers to the eCAADe community. The
tradition was developed by Wolfgang Dokonal and strongly supported by Antonio
Fioravanti, both long-standing eCAADe council members.
Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation and following the 10 th eCAADe PhD
workshop experience in Berlin, the eCAADe council has decided to run again the
PhD workshop in an online format. This time no travel support is needed. We are
aware that the PhD training needs continuous personal support rhythm. We are also
aware that the online setting requires essential organisational changes. The online
environment also requires some additional preparatory steps. To accomplish that a
larger task-force consisting of some eCAADe council members has been assigned
for this opportunity: Vassilis Bourdakis, Joachim Kieferle, Rudi Stouffs and Tadeja
Zupančič. The online PhD workshop offers joint testing of the digital ecologies for the
PhD research-in-progress discussions in architectural computing. It offers intensive
training of new skills for our selected PhD candidates and all the actors involved. The
usual presentation-and-discussion sequence will change: the presentations will be
posted online in advance for the panel members and the audience so that the joint
event can more effectively focus on the discussion. The usual questions from the
panel members can be replaced or combined by the questions from the candidate’s
side. The young researchers are encouraged to rethink the advantage of virtually
inviting the audience to their research environment, that people can immediately
immerse themselves into their worlds and the moment of their initial research stage
in the wider picture of their PhD research. 
The PhD research of this year’s applicants shows the diversity of the young
generation’s interests: from BIM, generative design, digital fabrication, and feasibility
studies to wider issues of adaptable design and building systems, spatial experience,
and perception as well as architectural education for sustainable design.
The online PhD workshop initiative opens new opportunities for networking at the
doctoral research level in this context. Last but not least, it opens new links with our
sister organisations: ACADIA, SigRAdi, CAADRIA, and ASCAAD.

Presentation of the PhD Workshop will be held on Tuesday 7.9.2021. 14:00-16:00 on Teams MS platform and it will be open for all registered eCAADe participants

eCAADe 2021 PhD Workshop submission material