Instructions for joining the conference


Dear participants of the eCAADe 2021 conference, the presentation of the papers will take place in virtual environment using the Microsoft Teams platform. You can use Microsoft Teams via supported internet browsers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (latest versions), as well as through the official Microsoft Teams application. If you want to use Microsoft Teams application, supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows8.1, Microsoft Windows 10, Apple macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, BigSur. If your operating system does not meet the minimum application criteria, then you need to use internet browser. 

Accessing Microsoft Teams via an internet browser is done by this link: 

Download link for Microsoft Teams application: 

Next steps are identical for the browser and the application. In dialogue it is necessary to enter the username provided to you. 

Clicking on the Next button, enter the temporary password that was delivered to you, and click on the Sign in button. 

After entering a temporary password, you need to re-enter yours temporary password in the top field and then to enter the password of your choice. Your password must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and be eight characters long. When you have entered your password click on the Sign in button. 

On the next dialog window just click Cancel. 

Joining the conference 

To join the conference, you need to click on the left menu side, select the Calendar (1), click on the desired conference day (2) and select Join (3). 

If you are accessing conference via internet browser, click on Allow pop-up dialog to allow Microsoft Teams to use your camera and microphone for the sessions. 

Before entering the conference by clicking on the Join now, it is best practice to turn off your camera and microphone. 

Quick overview of the Microsoft Teams layout 

1. Turn On/Off camera 
2. Turn On/Off microphone 
3. Raise your hand 
4. Show/Hide chat 
5. Show/Hid participants 
6. Leave the meeting