GIS to Grasshopper

On-site Workshop

3 hours workshop will provide an insight into basics of Gismo – free and an open-source GIS plugin for Grasshopper.
Students will learn how to generate the following 3D geometry: buildings, terrain, roads, greenery data based on location coordinates or address. Such 3D geometry along with its metadata, can then be used as a basis to perform different analysis types, as amenities search, terrain, solar shading analysis etc. Or for visualization purposes. A novel approach of urban greenery evaluation will also be presented. No prior knowledge of Gismo is required for the workshop. The very basic understanding of Grasshopper is required.

Workshop Author: Đorđe Spasić

Staticus Austria GmbH

Author Biography: An architect with experience from Serbia, Austria and The Netherlands.
Ladybug Tools plugin developer. Mainly worked on the modeling of thermal comfort, mechanical comfort, solar hot water systems and photovoltaics.
Creator of Gismo – Grasshopper plugin for GIS environmental analysis.
An avid and Rhino3d forum aide.

Workshop Duration: 3 hours

6. September (Monday) Afternoon Session