Freeforming coral-like planar 3D prints

On-site Workshop

Workshop is oriented on the fabrication of large scale 3D prints. That usually includes the large scale gantries or industrial robotics. The main objective of this workshop is to explore the possibility of using desktop 3D printers for fabrication of large scale objects by printing smaller patches. We intend to bend planar 3D printed patches with heat impact in order to reduce 3D printing support consumption. Later the patches will be connected together and form a doubly curved surface. For easier heat forming, coral-like pattern will be used since it creates cuts in different directions which ease double curved bending. The contribution is seen in fabrication of physical prototypes which show the possibility of approximating large scale freeform surfaces out of 2D planar printed patches.

Workshop Authors: Marko Vučić

Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Authors Biography: Marko Vučić is a teaching assistant at the University of Novi Sad, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Technical Sciences. He is a PhD student of Architecture and he holds a Master degree in Architecture. His interests are related to descriptive geometry, graphics, CAD/CAM and their application in architecture and design. He is also a member of Digital Design Center within which he has done many projects oriented towards digital design and digital fabrication. He is a member of Laboratory for Digital Fabrication where he work on various projects that includes using of 3D printers and Laser cutting machine.

Workshop Duration: 2×6 hours

6. September (Monday) Morning and Afternoon Session
7. September (Tuesday) Morning and Afternoon Session