(Design) Smart Contracts (for Configurable Design)

Online Workshop

The scope of the workshop is to introduce the Ethereum Blockchain and Solidity smart contracts as a vehicle for governing, and con-figuring, architectural design. During the two days participants will be introduced to blockchain primitives and learn to develop smart contracts in solidity and their connectors in python and javascript via a hands-on approach. The first day will be devoted to developing the participants’ knowledge and as an introduction to the code, while the second day participants will design and develop their own solutions. Learning to use open source tools such as Blender and Topologic.app will be part of the workshop as well. Participants will learn how to set up their own decentralised autonomous organisations to design, develop Dynamic Non Fungible Tokens( NFTs) as autonomous digital twins, connect their design tools with supply chain information or create incentivised mechanisms for architects to optimise their designs.

Workshop Authors: Theo Dounas1 and Wassim Jabi2

1Robert Gordon University
2Cardiff University

Authors Biography: Dr Theo Dounas is an architect and the learning excellence leader at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment at Robert Gordon University. His research expertise encompasses blockchain, generative and parametric systems with a tight orchestration between design and fabrication. He is currently directing www.archchain.cc, a project that seeks to establish a decentralised Building Information Modelling toolset and mechanisms for the AEC industry.

Dr Wassim Jabi is a Reader at Welsh School of Architecture.  Dr. Jabi has published widely on topics ranging from parametric and generative design to the role of light in architecture and building performance simulation. His current research is at the intersection of parametric design, the representation of space, building performance simulation, and robotic fabrication in architecture. 

Workshop Duration: 2×6 hours

6. September (Monday) Morning and Afternoon Session
7. September (Tuesday) Morning and Afternoon Session