Collaborative AI Agents

Online Workshop

This workshop explores the intersection of game and AI as a novel way to approach architectural participatory generative design. The recent rapid advancement of machine learning and ai in architectural industries is operating with limitation to allow a wider audience or human perception. As architects and designers, allowing a wider spectrum of evaluation will be vital in the design process. Inspired by machine learning (ML) application in Unity3D as game design elements, there are potentials to promote the active participation of architects, artists and even the public in the design generation processes by gamification. In the workshop, participants will work with a given set of reinforcement-learning-based frameworks and package in Unity3D to explore design ideas and potentials of perception-aware human-machine interaction. Eventually, we will approach collective layers of design generation through human and ai collaboration.

Workshop Authors: Chien-hua Huang

China Academic of Art

Authors Biography: Chien-hua Huang is an architecture computational designer and design researcher based in Vienna, Taipei and Shanghai. His current research focuses on AI-driven material design, machine learning, and participatory approaches in design and construction. He received a master degree of architecture with distinction at Greg Lynn Studio at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with thesis on machine-learning-driven searching design tool to achieve circular strategy. He is currently teaching at Institute of Intelligence & Systematics, School of Innovation and Design, China Academy of Art, China. 

Workshop Duration: 2×3 hours

6. September (Monday) Afternoon Session
7. September (Tuesday) Afternoon Session