Agile performance-based building design optimization and exploration

Online Workshop

For performance-based design, computational design optimization has been widely applied to detailed design improvement. However, it is still rare and challenging to apply it to abstract design idea exploration. For bridging this gap, this workshop introduces a new design tool for optimization-based building design exploration, called EvoMass. EvoMass is an intelligent building massing generation and optimization tool in Rhino-Grasshopper, aiming to offer designers an efficient way to obtain intriguing but also practical building configurations coupling with various building performance objectives at an abstract level. Along with producing high-performing design solutions, EvoMass also provides designers with insights into the performance implications associated with building geometry, which enables them to achieve a performance-informed and -inspired design. In this workshop, participants will learn the operation for design generation and optimization of EvoMass and how it can be applied to building design tasks with challenging performance and design objectives.

Workshop Authors: Likai Wang

School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Nanjing University, China

Authors Biography: Likai Wang is a Postdoctoral research fellow at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Nanjing University (China) and the developer of EvoMass. His research focuses on the application of computational design optimization to performance-based building design, with a special emphasis on parametric design generation and evolutionary design optimization. He has extensive experience in developing generative design algorithms and conducting computational design optimization for various performance-based building design tasks including wind flow, daylighting, and solar radiation. In addition, he teaches and instructs students in the design studio and workshops related to computational design and performance-based design optimization.

Workshop Duration: 2×3 hours

6. September (Monday) Morning Session
7. September (Tuesday) Morning Session